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The Good Grief Center is dedicated to helping people work through loss and learn to manage their grief. The following are resources that many have found helpful:

Frequently Asked Questions . . . and Answers
Though each person’s journey is their own, there are common threads to the grieving process. We hope these answers will reassure and offer guidance.

GGC Links
The WEB can be a marvel – or an endless maze. We have reviewed each of these links with care to provide worthwhile resources that address a wide range of issues. We welcome recommendations about sites you have found beneficial – please email any suggestions.

20 Tips
GGC created these tips in response to numerous requests for something simple to give to people who are grieving. These tips are just that…tips. There is no easy way through grief but the tips included are a result of many questions, thoughts and similar experiences of grieving individuals.

Grief and the Holidays
Holidays are especially difficult times. What is a happy time for many can be a painful time for those experiencing grief. Read these and know you are not alone especially during the holidays.