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Fall 2011
Ursuline Senior Services and the Good Grief Center Merge
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January 2011
The True Cost of Grief in the Workplace
Supporting employees and co-workers who are grieving.

September 2010
Grief Goes to School too!
Supporting children and adolescents who are grieving.

June 2010
Healing the Hidden Grief of Pet Loss
Grief is a normal reaction to pet loss.

March 2010
Gender Differences in Grief
How men and women may tend to grieve differently.

December 2009
What Follow's the Holidays?
Finding balance after the holidays.

September 2009
Let's Talk About Grief
Let's Talk About Grief Conference, October 21, 2009.

June 2009
Renewed Hope in the Wake of Grief
Support as we work towards healing and finding a sense of renewed hope.

February 2009
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
Find the support that you need to help mend your heart.

September 2008
Grieving as a Family
The commonalities and individual differences as a family grieves.

April 2008
Good Grief
Good Grief means being good to yourself.

November 2007
Grief and the Holidays: A Survival Guide
Holiday survival tips for anyone grieving or for anyone who has a grieving friend, coworker, neighbor or family member.

June 2007
Are Grief and Depression the Same Thing?

Short answer: No. Grieving can be painful, but that does not mean that grief is an illness like major depression.

February 2007
Support Group

Support groups bring together people who share a similar challenge and provide an open and safe setting for members to share and learn from each other.

November 2006
Grief and the Holidays: Managing an Often Difficult Time

Just as everyone's grief is unique, so is the way you work through the holidays. Acknowledging and accepting that there will be changes this year are positive first steps to making the upcoming season more manageable.

September 2006
Taking Care of Yourself While Grieving

Remembering to take care of ourselves, a sometimes overwhelming request while in the throes of grief, will make a difficult journey more bearable.

June 2006
What can I say?
Thoughts on how to offer sympathy and support.

Spring 2006 , inaugural issue
Peer Support - the Heart of GGC
Nothing is more important to us than listening. Our staff and volunteers are trained in bereavement support. But, beyond that, we've been through it ourselves. That's the core of peer support – getting support from others who have had similar experiences.