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GGC has an extensive lending library open to the public and to the many professionals who work with grieving individuals.  We welcome you to come in to our Center and to browse through our comprehensive selection of print material and audio and video items. Many individuals find it helpful to look through our library before deciding to buy an item from a local bookstore or on-line.  Our entire collection can be used on site or items may be borrowed to read at home.  If you cannot come to the Center, please contact us at 888-474-3388 or email us at for a few recommendations.

We understand that reading can be difficult when you are grieving. The lack of concentration makes it hard to focus. While our library offers a wide variety of options from books to pamphlets, the time might not be right for you. Be patient with yourself.  If you do not feel like reading now, other options include listening to music, an audio book or watching a video tape. There are many wonderful items in our library, which can be a valuable tool in helping you or someone you care about cope with grief.

The Good Grief Center for Bereavement Support wishes to acknowledge the following organizations for their support of our mission: